Chat GPT Vs You – Who is the better content writer

Who is the better content writer, ChatGPT or a human?

The content writing industry has experienced a surge in the adoption of artificial intelligence, thanks to AI-language models like Chat GPT that can produce text that resembles human content writers and answer user inquiries.

It is fascinating to see an advanced AI produce text similar to the written copy by a human being. However, to find who is the better content writer, we have made a Comparison between ChatGPT and Human Writer based on certain factors.

ChatGPT has sparked a debate: Who is the better content writer, ChatGPT or a human? Read on to know more.

Within 5 days after its launch, ChatGPT had reached 1 million active users, and by January 2023, it had 100 million active users. Thus, ChatGPT users increased by 9,900% in just 60 days, making it the fastest-growing platform ever!

(courtesy: a report by Reuters)

Comparison between ChatGPT and Human Writers

Here is the comparison between both the ChatGPT and the Human writer based on the following factors:

Intuition and creativity

In terms of creativity, the human writer did better than ChatGPT. Since they can create unique content, humans are more creative than ChatGPT. Human writing approaches make use of the writer’s imagination to include creative perspectives, personal experiences, and storytelling skills.

Genuine interaction with others:

You as a writer are remarkable at creating an authentic connection with readers. Authenticity, emotional appeal, and the capacity to connect with readers personally are all brought by the human touch. Being an AI-driven model, ChatGPT might not have the intrinsic capacity to forge such connections or understand the nuances of human emotion.

Speed and efficiency:

ChatGPT shines in terms of effectiveness and quickness. It is a useful tool for creating prompt ideas, outlines, or preliminary drafts since it can produce text quickly and handle a lot of information quickly. However, as a writer might take longer to produce content, but this duration can be seen as an investment in quality. The time you spend allows for more thorough research, thoughtful crafting, and creative thinking.

use chatbots for effectiveness and quickness

Grammar and Spelling

ChatGPT did well in terms of grammar and spelling. ChatGPT can produce no grammatical or spelling errors in writing pieces, human writers may make minor errors. The sophisticated language model used by ChatGPT, which was trained using a vast quantity of text data, is what allows it to create error-free content.

Who is the better content writer: ChatGPT or Human Writer?

There are still several strong justifications for the superiority of human writers, even in light of the widespread acceptance of AI writing tools like ChatGPT for their ability to produce content quickly and effectively.

ChatGPT is unable to match the unique viewpoint, originality, understanding, connection, and ethical obligation that human writers have.

It is essential to recognize the relevance of human writers and their immeasurable contributions to the profession of writing while technological advancement continues.

Thus, ChatGPT is not intended to take your place as a Content writer. But it helps to increase productivity, streamline the process, and make it simpler, and you will be better able to produce content that has the emotional impact necessary to dominate the digital environment.


To enhance writing, artificial intelligence has started to be combined with human writers. Anything that needs any kind of emotion or storyteller’s perspective certainly must be written by humans. Manual content writing may be the ideal choice for businesses trying to create unique, high-quality material that resonates with their target audience.

However, Chat GPT may be a fantastic tool for companies who need to quickly and effectively produce a lot of content. The most effective strategy may ultimately involve a mix of human writing and Chat GPT.

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