Want to start working from home full time? Here’s a guide!

So how about this? A Monday morning (duh) with you still in your pajamas, trying to get over your hangover. You take your time, lounging around your dining area, with your laptop on the kitchen table. You have a client call in 10 minutes so you just get your act together. And there you are all suited up for the client meeting, but still wearing those pajamas! Flexible, isn’t it?

Well, that’s what people perceive ‘work from home’ to be. And that’s where they miss the bus.

“Yes, work from home means a leisure lunch, but people need to realize that it demands the same amount of commitment and professionalism. If you’re not dedicated or disciplined enough, and get distracted by the home-bound environment, you’ll soon have to face the consequences in your work profile and growth”, says the founder of BrandZSutra, a Digital Marketing institution and an all-stop digital marketing service provider.

If you’re working from home, you already know that you are lucky and boast of a skill which allows your company to give you the freedom to meet deadlines sitting on your couch. But it is still a job, and it is high time people treated it like one!

So here’s the thing. We’ll talk about the prerequisites of working from home, and a few secret tips – so that you not only perform consistently well but also ace it.

1. Have the right attitude!

For most of Indians, work from home literally translates to, “Kal Chhutti”. That needs to change. If you’re self-motivated to be doing this from home, great! If you’re not, and are forced to work from home, for instance in the pandemic, then this is for you!


That’s the key for working from home. Treat it as a legit 8 to 9-hour work shift. Stick to a routine. Yes, it is easier said than done, but here’s how it can help you. Divide your morning and afternoon cycle in different hour-long blocks.

Get up by 7:30 AM, the earlier the better, and do all those things that you would normally do before travelling to office for work. Prefer a morning jog? Go for it. Some coffee and yoga? Do it! Keep yourself busy in all the regular chores before you sit in for that first email/call at 9:00 AM. Now, commit to it day after day. After 21 days, it’ll become a part of your lifestyle.

Dress Appropriately

Yes, Pajamas and shorts are super comfy, but working on a presentation in your pajamas or boxers throughout the day is not advisable. What we wear has an impact on how we feel and how we thing, so don’t start your work day in a manner that’s susceptible to sluggishness and enervation. Try wearing a casual t-shirt and trousers at least, if not pants. You’ll see the difference in your productivity.

Get Organized

Now that you’re disciplined, strike the right balance by setting yourself hourly goals. Work is always going to be there, so better keep up to it by creating filing systems, maintaining post-it notes, and having a to-do list ready at your disposal.

2. Set your workspace!

Yes. Working from home doesn’t mean laying on bed and doing the job, but having a proper and a fixed work space. Remember, this is the place where you’ll be the most productive and probably spend almost 8 to 9 hours every day. So choose the right space wisely! Creating an effective workspace is vital if you want to be on track with your deadlines and treat it like an actual job

A Proper Work Desk

Invest in your office work desk. This is where you’ll be during the office hours every day. As mentioned above, you can store all your work-related files and important stuff here. This should be your switch-to-work desk. The moment you sit here, you should get going and feel like it’s time to work. Try having a simple desk with enough space and a few drawers to emulate the office look.

proper work desk

In A Fixed Room

Your workspace should be a small room, maybe with a view if possible; so that you don’t have to go to your living room to unwind for a couple of minutes. The smaller the room, the better. The most important thing is to ensure that the door remains closed. So that the presence of other people at home doesn’t bother you. Also, get a high-quality office chair, that doesn’t strain your back a lot.

3. Master your hard skills!

Since almost all your work will be done online on a computer, it’s important you take a look at a few tools that might come in handy. It is your job to make your presence felt in a fluid manner, just as you would if you were in the office together. So here’s how you can do that.

A Zoom-friendly environment

Zoom is currently the most sought after video conferencing tool. It consists of services like online meetings, cloud video conferencing and group messaging.

zoom conferencing

Stay Connected

Make sure you keep checking your emails, phone and even video conferencing apps to stay readily available. Don’t forget that your lack of presence is already felt with you not being in the office, so it won’t hurt if you over-communicate. In fact, it might give a good impression to your boss, showing that you’re committed.

That being said, also realize that your soft skills are equally important to win a client over a call. Especially when you’re working remotely, you’re expected to have excellent communication skills. Find apt times to check with your managers and colleagues, so that you are on the same page as them and can move ahead uninterruptedly.

Most importantly, take breaks. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do take out a few minutes every 3-4 hours to get up from your system and stretch. Taking breaks might give you that mental relaxation and increase your productivity, especially if you’re in the creative field.

Most employees who work from home are either freelancers or digital marketing professionals. But currently such is the situation that everyone has to work from home, at least for a couple of months more. So why not be productive and stick to a routine.  Learn new skills that might come in handy later. Talking about skills, there’s a digital marketing course in Navi Mumbai, operated by BrandzSutra. the tutor has over 12 years of industry experience.

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